We bring together some of the world's leading economists and theologians to discuss money, markets, and the pressing economic issues of our time. This inspires economists and students to question the field's narrow focus on self-interest within an interdisciplinary context.

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    Veiling among Muslim women is modeled as a commitment mechanism that limits temptation to deviate from religious norms of behavior.  Read more

    Why Economics Needs Economic History

    The current economic and financial crisis has given rise to a vigorous debate about the state of economics, and the training which graduate and undergraduates economics students are receiving. Importantly, among those arguing most strongly for a change in the way that young economists are trained are the ultimate employers of these students, in both the private and the public sector. Employers are increasingly complaining that young economists don’t understand how the financial system actually works, and are ill-prepared to think about appropriate policies at a time of crisis. Read more